Commissioner of Nunavut

Commissioner's Awards
Iqaluit, NU
April 17, 2014

Awards presented by the Deputy Commissioner of Nunavut Nellie T. Kusugak.


Left to Right
Deputy Commissioner Nellie T. Kusugak, Billy Kownirk and Pitseolak Alainga

For 3 days, Billy Kownirk and Pitseolak Alainga endured rough seas while they clung to the wreckage of their boat, waiting for rescuers to find them, they survived on nothing but snow.

Left to Right
Marlene Angnakak and Samo Keith Angnakak

Samo and Marlene Angnakak were recognized for saving their six year-old nephew from drowning in 2009.


Amaujaq Groves

Amaujaq Groves was honoured for pulling a piece of cereal out of his baby sister’s mouth when she was choking in 2007. Groves was just four years old at the time.

Mathew Knickelbein

Mathew Knickelbein received the humanitarian award for opening up Nanook School in Apex when residents were without power for 18 hours in January 2014.


Ed McKenna

Ed McKenna for his volunteer service with the Iqaluit soup kitchen.

Judy Grace Gabuna for her volunteer service with the Iqaluit soup kitchen. Gabuna helps at the Anglican Church as well.